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Equias B.V., formerly known as EFETnet B.V., is originally founded by the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET), for the purpose of implementing automation of standardised energy trading processes between and among its members and with other organisations active in the energy trading business. In November 2017, EFET divested its ownership interest in EFETnet B.V. in order to facilitate further development of EFETnet B.V. to the benefit of the whole European energy trading community including EFET members and the broader EFETnet user community. Subsequently EFETnet changed its name in June 2018 to become Equias B.V.

Enable all market participants to exchange standardised data over a central industry-wide infrastructure at optimal cost. 

A reliable partner with extensive knowledge and experience which develops and offers advanced software for automated energy trading against the lowest costs, based upon open market standards, CpML (Commodity products Markup Language).

Equias B.V. and the rest
- promotes choice and completion at a time of market change
- Mitigates the impact of market change on operations and IT
- Takes EFET standards and implements these as solutions.